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Electronauts Review – Virtual Music Experience

Developer Survios have already brought two excellent games to PS VR with Raw Data and Sprint Vector are now trying something very different for the virtual reality space. They have taken a step into allowing players the opportunity to create music in VR with their newest title Electronauts. Personally, I look at this release as less of a game, but more of an interactive experience and lite-music creation tool for remixing popular electronica songs and creating your own music based on this genre.

First thing that should be known is that I’ve been playing through Electronauts for a few hours now and I still don’t always know exactly what I’m doing. There are so many different components to master that you could get lost for days learning how to use them all effectively. I understand some of the basic principles of the systems in play for creating music within Electronauts, and fortunately enough it’s still fun to play.

A brief tutorial explains the basics your virtual self standing in front of three stations. Each station can be changed to your preference by moving little blocks to the base of each station for different control methods. Each song is broken down to different sounds, which can be turned on or off and remixed to your liking. When starting, you choose from a tracklist of 40 songs from 50 different artists and the styles range from EDM, House, Hip-hop and many others, featuring some popular musical groups like The Chainsmokers amongst others.

You can pull apart each track piece by piece to shape the song they way you want by manipulating the stations at your DJ table. You can remix the vocal track, the percussion, the bass, and many other aspects of the song, while also adding effects and even splice in your own brand new riffs and solo performances. The two MOVE controllers work like electrified drum sticks that allow you to interact with a variety of panels, sliders, cubes and strings, giving you all the tools necessary put on a great performance.

Electronauts is set up in a way that doesn’t let you fail. Every note is automatically in key with the music and every hit of your MOVE controller still gets integrated into the song seamlessly. This allows you to just have fun and only focus on your performance rather than the details; just don’t go in looking to creating something more in-depth.

Electronauts may not have enough tools or customization options to allow for complete control over the proceedings, but it’s all about the experience of feeling like the best DJ and satisfaction of letting the people enjoy the music, not being the best songwriter or composer. The longer you spend with Electronauts, the more the tools at your disposal will make sense. The only downside being that PS VR users don’t get the multiplayer mode included with the PC version.

Despite all claims the the contrary, Electronauts isn’t a music creation tool per se. It ends up being a simulator for becoming an awesome VR DJ in a electronica-infused club, using drumsticks instead of turntables for manipulating music in a fun experience. Somehow developer Survios managed to find a way to give those devoid of all rhythm and musical talent the tools to succeed and feel like we have the skills involved to created awesome music.

Overall, Electronauts may not qualify as a game, but it definitely qualifies as an enjoyable experience and let’s us accomplish things we thought weren’t possible in the real world. The 40 tracks will provide many hours of entertainment, especially for those who want to mix an entire song and it’s very easy since there’s no way to fail. Survios have gone all out collaborating with some huge artists and providing you with all the music creations tools you need to have a good time if you love music.

Nuke the Fridge Score: 8/10