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E3 2014: Disney Infinity 2.0 Hands On

The House of Mouse Gets a Dose of Excelsior!

We got to spend some time with Disney Interactive’s E3 offerings and Nuke The Fridge has never been more Disney Bound. Newly announced was a Spider-Man play set, for Disney Infinity 2.0, with a host of new features and ideas that could only come from imagineers themselves. Paramount among the features is the ability to bring Avengers characters into Spidey’s world and vice versa.


Infinity 2.0 really pushed the Marvel characters, but it doesn’t just limit them to their own toy box. Fans will be able to blend Disney’s universe to their imaginations desire. To do this you first need to unlock the ability in the target play set but then you can bring in Ironman into the Spider-Man play set and Nova into The Avengers play set along with other combinations for fans to discover. This game will be like a James Silviani mash-up sketchbook come to life.

Along with all the new characters comes gameplay tweaks like skill trees and RPG like character development. But all the new perks in the game are meaningless if it isn’t fun to play; rest assured it is. During our time with the game I couldn’t put it down. Different Marvel characters now separate into classes like flyers, melee, and ranged attack. Thor could charge up Mjölnir just like something out of the comic books and cartoonishly vanquish his enemies. Spider-Man is a character many games get wrong, but Infinity has a fluid web swinging control scheme reminiscent of the Ultimate Spider-Man game.

Most notably, PlayStation will land with timed exclusive content for Infinity 2.0. Hulk will be available for Sony’s system one month before any others at launch.

Not to be outdone by all things Marvel, the rest of the Disney cast is also getting some new characters to play with. Maleficent was announced as being available for Infinity 2.0. We got a small peek at some of the ways players can blend Disney animated worlds together in the game. Our demo saw a Lion King scenery (complete with Pride Rock) highlight a Finding Nemo world we walked through with characters from Brave as they rode Darkwing Duck’s motorcycle. If that sentence doesn’t get you to put Disney Infinity 2.0 on your wish list, then joy is a concept lost on you.

For the rest of us, Disney Interactive will launch Disney Infinity 2.0 on all major consoles and PC this Fall. Next week we’ll bring you the top five things we want to see in future Disney Infinity play sets.