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E3 2013: THE WALKING DEAD: 400 DAYS Recap!

The Walking Dead game coverage E3 David Nieves!

Last year Telltale’s decision based masterpiece captured the hearts and minds of gamers everywhere. To hold gamers over for the upcoming Season Two release, the company is putting out a new add-on episode for Season One in July. In a closed door session we got a glimpse of what fans will see very soon.
The game follows a Pulp Fiction style story centered around five new characters to the Walking Dead universe: Shel, Russell, Wyatt, Bonnie and demo character Vince. This episode takes place over the course of 400 days at a truck stop in Georgia, from the start of the outbreak. Each characters story can be played in any order. The episode conclusion will wrap up all five stories and like all great Walking Dead games, your choices will determine the ending you see.

Just like Lee Everett in the first season, our demo started with Vince gunning someone down in cold blood and getting in trouble with the law. While on his shackled bus ride he meets the some of the other characters players will take control of. I won’t spoil some of the story details we saw in the game, but expect bloated amounts of gore, puzzles, zombies and dialogue choices.

Take note gamers, TWD:400 Days will require you to at least own episode one of the first season in order to play it. Like in the books and television show, choices made by the characters have lasting ramifications in upcoming story arcs. While Season Two won’t require you to have this episode, players will be able to affect their play through of that game in the Fall by completing 400 Days. This also means gamers invested heavily in the series should play them all on one platform and not delete any saves. It was unclear weather Vita owners who get 400 Days would be able to play Season Two on their PS3 and read Vita saves of this DLC episode or if these games will port to next ten systems. Telltale also would not confirm weather fans will see characters from the first game in TWD:400 Days. Normally people would be irritated at the secrecy demonstrated by Telltale but here it only makes me wish July was tomorrow.

The Walking Dead:400 Days will be released for Vita and download on PSN,Xbox Live, and Mac this July, while The Walking Dead: Season Two is still on track for a Fall release this year.

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