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Howdy boys and girls! This is Michael Pao also known as MPsy out there on the interwebs the cowboy boot wearing photo slinging man with the plan. Earlier this month the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 for short invaded Southern California once again dazzling attendees with demos of the good, the bad, and the ugly, booth babes galore, and a whole slew of bright and shiny toys.My boots have traversed the crowded aisles and experienced a whole mess of upcoming games and toys. Big events such as Microsoft‘s XBox press conference where they really pushed the XBox Kinect. The next in hand held systems from PlayStation the PSVita. Activision‘s anticipated sequel Prototype 2, Spiderman: Edge of Time, and X-Men: Destiny. Russian game company brings Nival brings us a game that gets one of my Sleeper Hits of E3 awards, Prime World. Polish video game development studio CD Projekt RED brings us back to the absolutely beautiful world of the Witcher 2 coming soon to the XBox 360. Game Forge offers up a pair of free-to-play online games Star Trek: Infinite Space and Runes of Magic. The fine folks of 2K Games wows us with XCOM, The Darkness II, and a game that has me drooling for more, BioShock Infinite. Ubisoft‘s final chapter for master assassin Ezio in Assassin’s Creed: Revelations. LucasArts has this fella battle battle droids with Star Wars Kinect. Speaking of Star Wars what made my E3 this year was being able to check out and later get some hands on play as a bounty hunter with Star Wars: The Old Republic.

So sit back and enjoy E3 2011 through my lens.

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