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DVD Review: “Seconds Apart”

 (Ed note: This is a submission from a new writer NurseCindy.  Since she’s new to the Fridge community we expect you all to be brutal towards her efforts.)


Imagine a parallel universe where three directors are sitting together talking about their next big project.  Let’s go further and assume these directors are Stanley Kubrick, (“Eyes Wide Shut”), William Friedkin, (“The Exorcist”), and David Swift, (“The Parent Trap”, the version without Lindsay Lohan).   Their waiter is a young, untested director that goes by the name of Antonio Negret.

Antonio is a real pain in the neck who keeps jumping around the table while waving a script in the air. Walt Disney walks by on his way to bail Lindsay out of jail, sees the commotion, and tells Antonio if he doesn’t calm down in the next 10 seconds he’s going to part his hair the hard way.   This gets Antonio’s attention quickly.  Then a dim light bulb goes off !   Seconds Apart!  It’s pure genius!

Antonio is so inspired he jumps in the air knocking all four scripts to the floor. The directors are in such a hurry to get away they just pick up random papers, stuff them in their brief cases, and then run for the nearest exits.   The movie “Seconds Apart” is the result of this jumbled up mess. The trailer for this movie begins with Adolph Hitler having his face permanently imbedded in a dining room table — I’m not really sure why this was shown.  Then a lot of other stuff happens.  I would tell you what it was but that would spoil the surprise.  Plus I had my eyes closed.

“Seconds Apart” was written by George Richards and was released into a few theaters on January 28, 2011 by After Dark Films, with Antonio Negret directing. On January 29, 2011 the manager of the theater took the film by the video store on his way to school so it could go straight to DVD. Unfortunately he forgot to rewind the tape so it was not released until May 24, 2011.  (It is classified as a Fantasy Horror film,  and rated R.)

The story centers on twins, Seth and Jonah, who have the ability to cause classmates to commit suicide using telekinesis.  According to the writers they were ‘Damned from the moment they were born”.  This assumption more than likely severely limited their ability to get along with their classmates.  A local law enforcement officer, Detective Lampkin, who lost his wife in a fire that disfigured him several years before, becomes suspicious of the boys and begins to investigate them and their connections to the suicides.  Not only can they make people commit suicide but can also make others forget what they’ve seen when the suicide occurs.

Everything is going along well, at least for the twins, until one of them falls in love and the other one gets jealous. Mayhem ensues!  Unfortunately this turns out badly for the girl, if you know what I mean.  It also doesn’t turn out well for a priest who is attempting to get the evil out of the twins with one hand, while trying to pull a worm out of his leg with the other.  I’m not sure how the worm got there or if he in fact did get it out because again, I closed my eyes. There are just some things I’d rather not see.  I read some other people’s opinions on this movie and was surprised that most did not think this was a particularly gory movie.  Personally I thought it was more than gory enough.


I had high hopes for this movie when I saw it starred Orlando Jones as Detective Lampkin.   Then I realized I was thinking of Orlando Bloom, who is not in the movie.  Gary and Edmund Entin portray the twins Seth and Jonah.  At least they don’t have one actor playing both parts so that’s a plus.  I thought the Entin Brothers did a good job and it wouldn’t surprise me to see more of them in the future.   Mark Macaulay,of  Miami Vice fame, does a good job as the wormy priest.  Men and women may find themselves reacting differently to this film.  Men will be happy to see there is a lot of fire, blood, and killing.  Women will be happy to see the twins are cute when they are not looking evil.  By the way, Seth is less evil than Noah.  The priest has a particularly difficult job in this movie in that it is up to him to save the community from these two fun guys.  Deep in his heart he knows that evil can be conquered but he’s also aware that it will look bad on his resume if he doesn’t succeed.  Don’t forget he has a pesky parasite problem that he is also trying to deal with.

He attempts to prevent Eve , the object of Seth’s affection and portrayed by Samantha Droke, from slicing her own throat with a shard after she accidentally threw herself through a glass table in a library.  I won’t tell you how this ends but I would like to say, rest in pieces Eve. There is an interesting scene where the twins convince some of their classmates to play a rousing game of Russian Roulette.   When you think about it there really aren’t any winners in this type of game.  This is the fifth film produced by the After Dark Group and was given a limited release in U.S. theaters in 2010.  The film does have a dark feeling so if you’re a horror fan you probably won’t be too disappointed.