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Dragon Ball Super Twitter Reveals Future Of Series

On Sunday, the official Dragon Ball Super Twitter page seemingly revealed their plans for the future of the series from a statement regarding the official Twitter page. There’s no new details about the film although it looks as though the official page will be switching over from the Dragon Ball Super series to the upcoming movie as well as advertising the series for rental in Japan. The official Twitter page reads:

“[Renewal of account] This account will continue to announce the TV series “Dragon Ball Super” as well as the movie information released on December 14 as a TV and movie official account, and cell rental. Thank you for your support in the future! #DragonBallSuper”

Dragon Ball Super the TV series wrapped up last week after a very intense “Tournament of Power” that saw Goku and company take on several new enemies from different universes. From the translation, it looks as though that there is a possible future for the Dragon Ball Super series after the film.