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Dragon Ball Super Movie coming in December, first trailer revealed

Dragon Ball Super is coming ending this month, at least for now. The Tournament of Power arc will serve as the finale for the TV anime series but that’s because Toei Animation shifts its focus towards the Dragon Ball Super movie set to release later this year.

Toei Animation has uploaded the first teaser for the new movie which shows Goku facing off against a mysterious opponent, who seems to have a power similar to that of the fabled “Legendary Super Saiyan” which could mean Goku and the gang will be facing off against another Saiyan from a different universe.

Of course with the current popularity of Dragon Ball Super, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a new season of Dragon Ball Super or maybe even Ultra (thanks to Goku awakening Ultra Instinct) happening either towards the end of the year or even next year. Akira Toriyama is still doing an amazing job of keeping fans hooked on the series so it only makes sense.

The movie will see a worldwide release in December.