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Dragon Ball Super: Broly review

The Tournament of Power has ended and Universe 7 is the winner. Now with that behind them, Goku and Vegeta can finally relax on the beach. And by relax, I mean they can continue their never ending quest at getting stronger. Which is necessary as the next villain is just around the corner. Dragon Ball Super: Broly brings us fan favorite Broly into the Dragon Ball universe for the first time. Seeing as none of the DBZ movies are officially canon, Broly, as many other villains, isn’t part of the main story line. With his re-introduction to the series we see a new Broly as well as a new origin for the legendary Super Saiyan.

The story begins with King Cold arriving to Planet Vegeta with his son Frieza. He announces his retirement and Frieza will be taking over his army. After witnessing Frieza’s strength, King Vegeta reluctantly agrees to serve. Afterward he visits his son Vegeta in his nursing pod and is upset when he sees an unknown Saiyan alongside him. Seeing the young Broly’s power level high for a baby, he sends him away to a harsh planet. His father Paragus pleads with King Vegeta and steals a ship to save his son. Along with Beets, they crash land on Planet Vampa and eventually find Broly. 5 years later, Bardock is returning to Planet Vegeta along with all the Saiyans that were summoned to return. He questions Frieza’s motive as to why he’s summoning every Saiyan back to the planet. His curiosity turns to fear when he feels that Frieza is going to kill them all. Against Gine’s wishes, Bardock steals a pod and sends the young Kakarot to Planet Earth to save his son.

As the pod heads to Earth, Frieza launches an attack that destroys Planet Vegeta along with every Saiyan on it. Only 5 Saiyans were presumed to have survived, being Vegeta, Radditz, Nappa and two other Saiyans. In the present time, Goku and Vegeta continue their training not long after the Tournament of Power. Frieza, just resurrected after the tournament, has a plan to exact revenge against Goku. Members of the Frieza Force steal 6 Dragon Balls that Bulma had acquired and search for the 7th. Along the way, two new members of the Frieza Force find a distress beacon and discover Paragus and Broly. With the help of Broly, Frieza heads to Earth to makes his wish with the Dragon Balls with Goku and Vegeta ready to stop him. Paragus agrees to help Frieza to get his revenge against King Vegeta’s son Vegeta.

The battle between the 3 Saiyans becomes intense as Broly matches up against both Goku and Vegeta. Rather than have Broly snap and unlock his Legendary Super Saiyan form, he instead fights in his base form. At the moment he doesn’t even have the ability to turn Super Saiyan, nor does Paragus know of that ability as well. Instead we see each phase of Broly as he gets angrier and angrier with his power growing with it. This isn’t the same Broly we first saw in his first movie. Broly here is calm, naive, and a bit simple minded. This of course is due to his absence from any civilization other than his father’s commands. On the battlefield his rage slowly takes control of Broly unlocking his real potential. And this is what makes this movie better than the original. Along with Goku’s origin, we also see Broly’s as well.

Goku and Vegeta may be the heroes, but Broly is the star in his return. From Super Saiyan to Super Saiyan God, and to Super Saiyan Blue, Broly shows he’s able to handle anyone against him, even Golden Frieza is no match for Broly. Dragon Ball Super: Broly isn’t without it’s faults. The story gets pushed aside once the action begins, but that’s usually the main focus in Dragon Ball. The good thing is that so much story is put into this film that it’s not as noticeable. Dragon Ball Super: Broly is full of suspense and many surprises along with a good look at what happened to Planet Vegeta. The first Dragon Ball Super movie delivers an amazing experience that any Dragon Ball fan will love. Throw away what you think you know about Broly. This is the Broly we deserve, and the ending leaves us wanting more.

Dragon Ball Super: Broly smashes theaters in the US January 16, 2019!