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DOOM Eternal Receives First Gameplay Footage Shown at QuakeCon

Bethesda and id Software made good on their promise back at E3 with revealing gameplay footage for the upcoming sequel DOOM Eternal.

id Software’s Hugo Martin and Marty Stratton appeared on stage before the official gameplay was revealed to show off some new concept art and gameplay for DOOM Eternal.

The DOOM Slayer has been completely revamped from the previous game and now is much more powerful. The DOOM Slayer also now comes equipped with a machete attached to his left arm and also has a shoulder mounted cannon that looks like it can launch both flames and missiles.

As for notable new additions in DOOM Eternal, movement seems to be re-hauled to be even faster and more fluid than before with new weapons such as the grappling hook shotgun allowing you to latch onto enemies to zoom towards them. Enemies have also been redesigned and classic foes from the original DOOM and DOOM II have also made their way into DOOM Eternal.

No release date has been given yet, but it DOOM Eternal will come to PS4, Xbox One, and PC when it launches. You can watch the gameplay reveal of DOOM Eternal below.