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Does the ‘Halloween Ends’ Teaser trailer reveal major spoilers?!?!

 Looking back at the much anticipated teaser for the finale of Blumhouse’s Halloween trilogy, we noticed something thats been causing a buzz in the halloween fan community.

 We find Jaime Lee Curtis as Laurie, yet again preparing for the coming conflict. Haddonfield sheriff’s department, lead by Will Patton’s Sheriff Hawkins run into action as death has surely come to their little town. Andi Matichak’s Allyson is being hunted. You know, just another halloween in Haddonfield Illinois. You’d think everyone in this damn town would go on vacation, get a time-share or something for the last week of October by now, for god sakes. Like, are they all asleep? Why are you here? Anyway, I digress.

 Now, During the trailer we move swiftly through a front yard, into a house and up a flight of stairs, through the eyes, the blackest eyes, of The Shape himself, Michael Myers! Or do we?  We do see that white, expressionless face of that quintessential latex mask, but is the monster behind that mask Michael Audrey Myers? There’s a couple of shots during the more action packed portion of the trailer where Michael is in a physical fight with Laurie, grabbing knives, doorframes and such, during the struggle. In these clips you can clearly see the Shape is battle damaged to be sure, but otherwise in one piece. No missing pieces. Not even a couple missing fingers. So, what?

Well, if we remember back to the finale of the 2018 film, when Michael punches through the front door of Laurie’s home and grabs her by the neck, Laurie only survives that situation by shooting off two of the fingers from Michael’s left hand!

Here you can clearly see the make up effects used on the previous film "Halloween kills"

And here, a still from the trailer,you can clearly see Michael s hand intact.
You could just chalk this up to a continuity error, sure. But a continuity error so blatantly shown in the teaser trailer? I dont think so. In fact, I think this is David Gordan Green cleverly letting us in on something.
I think that man in the mask is a Copycat killer! I dont think that’s our Shape. I think the situation in Haddonfield this time around is alot more complicated than we previously thought.
I for one can’t wait to see what kind of action and horror packed roller-coaster of a Finale, the boys and girls at blumhouse have crafted for us this October!