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Director Seth Gordon Drops Out Of UNCHARTED Film

imageA movie adaptation on the highly popular videogame, Uncharted, has been in development for more then half a decade now. Countless directors have come and gone including David O Russell, Neil Burger, also actors like Mark Wahlberg, Nathan Fillion and even Bradley Cooper were once in talks to play the main character Nathan Drake.

Currently, Horrible Bosses and The King of Kong director Seth Gordon was hired last year to direct the film, with Zero Dark Thirty writer Mark Boal was brought on to touch up the script with the film aiming for a 2016 release date.

Now according to Heroic Hollywood and The Wrap, Seth Gordon has exited the film as Sony’s Tom Rothman is pushing the film in a new “creative direction”.

The game follows Nathan Drake, explorer and descendant of Sir Francis Drake, who seeks out mythical cities like Shangri-La and El Dorado in search of treasure, and must fight off the legions of bad guys in pursuit of that same treasure.