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Deadpool’s Stiletto-ed Interpretive Dance on Celine Dion’s Stage

Power ballad by the iconic Celine Dion in Deadpool 2? Yeaaah right…wait, that DID happen.

Deadpool and Celine Dion doing a performance together was the last thing I’d expect to happen, but it did! Trending at #1 on YouTube right now with over 3 million views in less than a day, watch Celine’s captivating performance of her new song “Ashes” with her renowned powerful vocals while Deadpool—dare I say—elegantly dances across the stage alongside her. Have to say, I definitely wouldn’t be able to dance that well in those stiletto heels. Whether it’s Reynolds underneath that mask or not remains to be seen.

Make sure you watch until the end for Deadpool’s characteristic snark and Celine’s hilarious retort, haha.

Entertainment Weekly‘s exclusive interview reveals that director David Leitch of both film and music video had been looking for an emotional thematic song for the Deadpool 2 film. After deciding on the song “Ashes,” Leitch reveals that it was Deadpool himself (Ryan Reynolds) who suggested Celine Dion! Leitch also fulfilled one of his lifelong dreams to direct a music video with film cinematographer Jonathan Sela with this venture.

According to EW, Leitch had said, “It was kind of always my dream to do a music video with Jonathan because that’s where he comes from. We were sitting on set, and he’s shot hundreds of music videos, and this is second nature to him. And I’m geeking out, like, “We’re shooting a music video! This is great!” He’s like, “You know, we do shoot movies.” And I’m like, “Yeah, that’s cool, but we’re shooting a music video!””

Looks like this spring is just full of surprises. First Avengers: Infinity War, now expect this unexpected duo’s performance for Deadpool 2, premiering in theaters on May 18, 2018.