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DEAD RISING 2 and CRACKDOWN Free for Xbox Gold Members

DEAD RISING 2 and CRACKDOWN Free for Xbox Gold Members – Two tipple A titles come free to Xbox gamers in August

The Xbox Blog released information on the free games coming to Gold users in August:
“The next set of free games for Xbox Live Members in August will be Crackdown, Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero.
Starting tomorrow (August 1st) the award winning Xbox 360 exclusive Crackdown (Normally 800 points) will be free for Xbox LIVE Gold members through August 15th .
Then on August 16th, Xbox Live Gold Members can grab BOTH Dear Rising 2 (Normally US $14.99) and Dead Rising 2: Case Zero (Normally 400 points) for free.
As a reminder, the “Games With Gold” program gives Xbox LIVE Gold Members 2 free games to keep each month. A new title will be available the 1st and 16th of each month.”

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Crackdown was one of the Xbox360’s most under appreciated games. For anyone who doesn’t remember it, think GTA with super powers. While Dead Rising 2 was a game that polarized reaction from fans, it’s hard to pass up this free game especially when it comes with the digital prequel of Case Zero. Even if you aren’t going to play these games right away, initiate the download in order to have them available later.