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Since there were only two entries and a half-assed attempt at someone else trying to enter that couldn’t (namely me), Louis was able to find one extra-signed poster.  So it has been decided to award both entrants with a prize each.  Congratulations go out to Walter Herrera and Luke both of who can now proudly display a limited edition lithograph of Marvel Zombies signed by both comic book godfather Stan Lee and Marvel Zombie artist Arthur Suydam. It includes a Certificate of Authenticity by PSA DNA.  Next time there is a contest on Nuke the Fridge submit your entries.  Participate with your best work and win!  Excelsior!!!

Here’s the reviews:

Call me a fanboy, but I can’t help but write about Scott Pilgrim vs The World in a completely biased fashion. Director Edgar Wright has always been one of my favourite filmmakers. From the wildy absurd television show Spaced, to his recent film masterpieces Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz, Edgar Wright turns normal situations upside down (yes, Zombies are normal in England), littering his films with pop culture references, over the top gore and some of the most articulate and clever dialogue to ever grace the silver screen. He’s the ultimate geek, the (dare I say it? yes I do!) Tarantino of my generation.

So after two successful and original films, Edgar Wright has been given the keys to comic book sensation Scott Pilgrim vs The World. Comic book and film fans rejoice, for there is no greater choice for a director than the man who makes a living homaging his childhood on film.

A cult film in the making, and described as ‘An epic of epic epicness’ the film tells the tale of Scott Pilgrim, a twenty two year old male. He’s in a rock band called Sex-Bob-Omb, “between jobs,” and dating a cute yet slightly insane/stalker high school girl friend. Everything’s going great for Scott, until a seriously mind-blowing, roller blading Amazon delivery girl named Ramona Flowers starts cruising through his dreams on skates, and drifting by him at parties. Falling madly in love with Ramona and her frequently changing hair, Scott begins to court her. But the path to happiness isn’t going to be an easy one for our awkward bass guitar playing hero, especially when the only way to earn her heart is to defeat the league of seven evil-exes’s who control Ramona’s love life. Sound difficult? It is.

Fighting for what you love has never been so literal!

So if the premise of battling evil exe’s isn’t intriguing enough for you, the whole style of the film is structured and modelled on 8-bit video games, comic books, and stylised manga makes for an over the top extravaganza that grabs hold of you, and doesn’t let go. Video game references are literally all over the place; extra lives, character stats, KO’s and countdown timers. You name it, chances are it’s here.

One of the best elements of Scott Pilgrim vs The World is the ensemble cast, who all compliment each other’s performances perfectly. Although the evil exe’s have some of the best sequences, it is Kieran Culkin as Scott’s gay roommate Wallace who gives the stand out performance. The voice of reason in Scott’s love life, he prompts him to ‘break out the L word,’ to which Scott replies ‘lesbians?’ It may not be Shakespeare, but if you don’t laugh, maybe you’re just taking life too seriously? A sold out session cheer in unison, and you know Edgar Wright has a winner on his hands.

As a young filmmaker, inspired by Mr Wright, and in a world where comic book movies are seen as the work of Hollywood studios, Scott Pilgrim vs The World is something completely mind blowing and different. Though released through Universal, Scott Pilgrim vs The World strikes gold by being as original as it can, in every way possible. After being excited for months on end for this film, I know one thing is for certain; I have not left the cinema smiling like that in an incredibly long time…

– Luke

I think it might have been Justin Bieber who said, “I make good grilled cheese, and I like girls.” And he’d probably be right. Just as I when I say that Scott Pilgrim vs the World is the best movie of the decade. It may sound subjective, but here are the facts:

It’s a work equal to the pyramids. There are no tricks, just plain ingeniousness. It’s the Speed Racer of 2010 (which was amazing dammit) in the sense that most fogies won’t ‘get it’ unless you grew up in the specific culture that the film is poking holes at (and the film is very self aware).

But the culture in question? The one that holds conventions with 20,000 attendees, the one where people argue semantics over light speed vs. warp speed, the one where it’s cool to ogle girls who wear ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ shirts, and where sub-cultural hobbies substitute physical activity (not to be confused with tending virtual cows and sheep on Facebook).

It’s a filmmaker’s film as well, in a sense. It inspires because its editing is superbly tight, its writing lightweight and faithful to the material. Its effects are appropriate, and photographically, it’s delicious. Subject matter wise, the comedy is brilliantly timed, the characters are charming, and the story neither plods nor goes into exposition overload. There is no telegraphing, just naturally smooth buttered cheese, with a dash of coincidences, with kick ass results.

The film is terribly fun, and its storytelling is unique. As it progresses, dramatic beats become amplified, and the stakes at the end become its utmost highest and turns out to be a little more complex than an average, “boy meets girl in a romantic tale of fistcuffs and sword fighting.”

And did I mention the soundtrack is tremendously good looking? I didn’t? Well, it tastes fantastic!

So shrug off the comments where the film is only for the cool kids who customize their PCs or spend weeks trying to perfect Chun Li’s “Cheatin Ass Hoe” move. The Youtube generation will eat this up, sure, but the younglings of tomorrow! Think of them. Who’ll all take the future– break it apart, smash it, and make it new and exciting. The generation who’ll have to deal with self aware A.I., and travelling to Mars, and all that jazzy cool stuff. It’s just plain cool! Tech and toys and games and comics! It’s kids who are inspired to be creative, and… wait for it, to fight for the love of their lives, whether it is a blow up anime doll with purple hair, who cares!

I give it 10 life-ups out of 10.

– Walter Herrera