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COÑO MENG!! “Scarface” Remake in Development.

Most people are still surprised by Hollywood’s decisions concerning upcoming film projects, but Hollywood can be dependent on one thing and that is being predictable.  Universal Pictures has announced they will re-imagine the film “Scarface.”  This will be the second makeover derived from the 1932 Howard Hawk’s film of the same name.

Deadline.com reports Universal Studios is meeting with writers to script a fresh retelling of the film that will be produced by Marc Shmuger and his Global Produce banner along with Martin Bregman. Bregman produced the Pacino version.  The film is not intended to be a remake or a sequel.  (How could it be a sequel?  Everyone died!)

The new “Scarface” project will take the common elements of the first two films: an outsider, an immigrant, barges his way into the criminal establishment in pursuit of a twisted version of the American dream, becoming a kingpin through a campaign of ruthlessness and violent ambition.

Most fans have voiced some negative opinions about this announcement from Universal, but the Al Pacino version met with the same controversy in 1983.  The studio does have a right to present a new take on an old story idea.  Some critics say Universal could make the same film, but give it a different title.  However, the curiosity factor will prompt most people to buy a ticket in order to compare it to the past two films.  On the other side, the studio is looking to cash in on the title.  No doubt, the most pressure will certainly fall upon the writers and actors who will have larger than life expectations foisted upon them.

A different school of thought is where will the story find its roots?  Will the character’s origin focus on the Russian Mob, the Inner City, or will it have a Middle Eastern background?  What can be said is the studio is keeping the specifics of where the new Tony character comes from under wraps at the moment, but ethnicity and geography were important in the first two versions.

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Source: Deadline.com