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According to the Comic Book Movie website, THOR’s star Chris Hemsworth would like to see him and Hugh Jackman team up in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

With the big news that hit a few weeks ago that Disney has acquired much of FOX’s intellectual property, fans have fantasized about seeing their favorite X-Men crossover onto the MCU. We know who the fans would like to see teamed up but, what about the actors?

Here’s what Chris Hemsworth said when asked about who his favorite X-Men character was.

“I mean, Wolverine, just because I love that character, you know what I mean? I just love Hugh Jackman. Unfortunately, he died in the last movie, didn’t he? We can bring him back to life… Now that you’ve informed me that it’s a possibility I’m going to get on the one phone and try to coax him over or convince him and see if he has one more in him.”

There you have it. It seems like almost everyone’s go-to guy is Hugh Jackman as Wolverine. Of course the last time we saw Wolverine was in 2017’s Logan All film in which Jackman claims would be his final portrayal of the character.