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Cells at Work spinoffs: Cells at Work! Cat & Cells at Work! Medicine

The Monthly Shonen Sirius magazine announced in their June issue that new spinoffs for Akane Shimizu’s popular Cells at Work series will be published in July. Cat lovers can be excited for the first spinoff: Cells at Work! Cat, written by Choco Aozora and drawn by Meki Kaire. The second spinoff is Cells at Work! Medicine, written by Koma Warita and drawn by Ryou Kuji. The original Cells at Work series ended in January 2021. 

Cells at Work anthropomorphizes the cells within our bodies, and represent them each as a different character. The main series focuses mainly on a clumsy young red blood cell AE3803, who often gets lost during her deliveries of oxygen, carbon dioxide, and other nutrients, and a white blood cell (specifically a neutrophil) whose job is to fight anything that invades the body. He also saves AE3803 from a bacterium after she got lost. Through AE3803’s many adventures trying to find her way, we as the audience get to learn more about the daily lives of “cells at work.”