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Catherine: Full Body Is Making It’s Way To Nintendo Switch

ATLUS is bringing their beloved platforming drama Catherine: Full Body to Nintendo Switch this summer.

Announced during the Nintendo Direct Mini, Catherine: Full Body follows the story of Vincent Brooks who becomes entangled in the struggle of lust and love and must endure countless nights of deadly nightmares to figure out what he wants in life.

We reviewed Catherine: Full Body back in August and gave it a 9/10.

Rin is the absolute best scenario for Full Body as she adds an entirely new complexion to this game once you fulfill the proper story requirements for her. The game continues to upgrade from here as it adds new story stages, new music, new gorgeous cutscenes, and even more small easter eggs to find making this an absolute win for not only Catherine fans but ATLUS fans in general as it paints a picture of how far the developers will go to bring a game back and breath new life into it almost flawlessly.

Be sure to visit the Stray Sheep when Catherine: Full Body comes out on Nintendo Switch on July 7th. Preordering the physical version will also net you a neat sheep keychain.