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Carrie Fisher in Training for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII

Carrie Fisher

Will actress Carrie Fisher slip into her Slave Leia outfit from “Return of the Jedi” for the new untitled “Star Wars: Episode VII” film?

Over the weekend, Fisher was a guest at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo.  She confirmed her return as Princess Leia Organa in Disney’s upcoming Star Wars film. Fans attending the event were hoping to get some juicy details on the new film, but Fisher didn’t give up very much. Though she did mention, she is going to be in shape for the role.

“I like being bought by Disney, because they never wanted to buy me before. I’m glad they are doing a new movie because they are sending a trainer to my house so I can get in really good shape. So I’m really eating a lot of sugar in advance, as you can see. By the time I really get down to it I will have eaten everything.”

Fisher went on to field questions from fans, and elaborated on her on-screen kiss with fellow actor Harrison Ford (Han Solo.)

“Here’s the thing: There’s a difference between screen kissing and life kissing. Harrison doesn’t like screen kissing. I believe one time he put an oyster in his mouth. Not with me, he just told me about that so I’d behave myself. So, not so great onscreen. But we were playing spin-the-bottle and he was better.”

She finished her interview by discussing the killing of hated galactic gangster Jabba the Hutt in “Return of the Jedi.”

“What was his name? Jabba the Hut? I always get his name mixed up with other boyfriends. Oh God,  I loved doing that. You know, they ridiculously asked me if I wanted a stunt double to kill Jabba the Hut. Can you imagine? I got to saw that neck off, it was really, really fun and one of the highlights of my career.”

The action/fantasy/adventure film “Star Wars: Episode VII” is scheduled to be released sometime in 2015.  The film is rumored to star Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Harrison Ford, Anthony Daniels, and Billy Dee Williams.  Michael Arndt is writing the screenplay based on characters created by George Lucas.  J.J. Abrams directs.

Source: Calgary Herald