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‘Captain America: Civil War’ Directors Reveal Opening Scenes

As we all know Captain America: Civil War is coming out later this year and apparently directors Anthony and Joe Russo have revealed what the first couple of scenes that appear in the film, which includes Scarlet Witch and Captain America

“We like to say that the amount of time that has passed in between films is the amount of time that has passed in the movies. So, it’s about that amount time. We find Cap leading the Avengers. He’s tutoring or mentoring Scarlet Witch in the beginning of the movie and bringing her into the fold. We find them on a mission at the start of the film. The effect that Ultron has had on everyone certainly is central to the storytelling of the movie. It’s very strong. We’re dealing with issues of collateral damage, imperialism, what rights do super heroes have to pursue villains across borders. It’s very politically minded. Cap’s dealing with all of that at the beginning.”

Captain America: Civil War arrives in theaters on May 26, 2016