Two years ago, Capcom released the Disney Afternoon Collection and it reminded me of just how awesome some of these Disney cartoons were. While Wayforward would go on to release DuckTales Remastered in 2013, it seems Darkwing Duck won’t be as lucky seeing as Capcom passed on a new game that would have been developed by the guys behind Sonic Mania.

Disney afternoon collection cover.png

While DW can shoot weapons using his Gas Gun, he also wields a Grappling Hook which lets him swing and reach platforms he normally wouldn’t be able to get to.

The guys over at Headcannon developed a prototype using their in-house engine that just looks awesome. Seeing as Capcom decided to pass on it, the team has posted the prototype online (which you can download here) that feels and plays like the original NES game with a new addition.

Comic book writer Aaron Sparrow was tied to the project and mentioned that the idea was to have the original cast return to do voice over for the game which would have included character sprites based on the art of James Silvani.

It’s great that the guys behind it would share their work with fans and hopefully with enough support, Capcom might change their mind because this is a game that should happen.