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Capcom gives us an close look at Mega Man’s new design in Mega Man 11

After waiting so long, it’s finally happening that’s right Capcom is releasing a new Mega Man game!

Honestly, as a huge fan I couldn’t be any more excited to see Mega Man 11 coming out in October especially as Capcom is going all out with this game complete with a new look for Mega Man.

Recently, Capcom posted a new video which focuses on Mega Man’s new design which went through various changes.

The video which you can watch below focuses on various aspects of the new design for Mega Man. At one point they mention that they originally started off by creating a prototype design based of of Mega Man 8’s design but because it felt too flat and lacked detail.

A lot went into the new design including adding more details to his body, mega buster and feet while making sure his face would sow at all times which led to his chibi-style look in the game. While all the details may not appear in the game, the team took the time to get it done perfectly or it wouldn’t feel right to them.

While the video is in Japanese, it’s a really interesting watch to see how much work went into creating a brand new look for Mega Man.

Mega Man 11 releases on October 2, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC. You can also read our impressions from the E3 playable demo here.