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Hello again everyone and welcome to another edition of “The C-word!” To help get you started on your weekend, I bring you an awesome interview with the beautiful and talented Margie Cox. Margie is an award-winning cosplayer, she’s a model and an aspiring actress. Here’s our interview…


Injustice Wonder Woman. Photo by Dru Phillips

Chris: I see that you make a lot of your costumes, when did you make your first costume?

Margie Cox: 2006

Chris: What was your first cosplay?

Margie Cox: My first costume was the purple Catwoman costume from the 90s that was a Jim Balent design.

Chris: I was looking at your She-Hulk cosplay, it’s a unique one because you don’t see many people do the Fantastic 4 version. I’ve always wondered when it comes to being body painted for a cosplay, how complicated it is and does is it easy to wash off? Haha

Margie Cox: It can be very complicated depending on how it’s done. For she Hulk, it takes a few hours to get ready. I’ve switched to water based paints over the years, but it’s still not super easy to wash off. On the days that I wear body paint, I factor a 30 minute shower afterwards, hydrate very well then I sprint for two miles so the paint that’s been soaked into my skin will hopefully come up, then I jump back in the shower for 30 minutes.

Chris: So you are an award-winning cosplayer, which costumes did you win awards for?

Margie Cox: I honestly don’t usually enter contests because it’s a lot of time and not really a great pay out for how much time and energy you put into a costume. Sometimes my husband will enter me, if it’s a quick submit on-line contest and it’s just kind of a fun surprise if I win anything. I won third in the Wizard Costume Contest for my Star Sapphire costume. I got second at the Wizard Dallas show for my Soranik Natu Costume with my husband’s Hal Jordan costume. I won a contest with my Wonder Woman costume at a Zeus’ Comic shop in Dallas. My husband won the Marvel Captain America contest in a costume I helped make a few years ago. So, I guess we’ve won a few things!

Chris: Out of all of your cosplays, do you have a favorite? By the way, your cosplays really do look great. Major props to you and your costume making talents.

Margie Cox: Wonder Woman is the one I have the fondest memories interacting with the kids, so that’s probably my favorite.


Photo by Mojo by Jojo

Chris: Do you have any tips to give to our readers that are thinking about dabbling in the cosplay world?

Margie Cox: HAVE FUN and don’t get discouraged if things don’t turn out exactly as you’d envisioned. Life is about the journey, not the destination, so I would just really urge people to enjoy the moment. Take on a smaller project and with every new project, pick something that will challenge your skill set a little bit more.

Chris: What characters do you plan on cosplaying as in the future?

Margie Cox: I’m still working on my Kitana Mortal Kombat IX costume. My husband finally talked me into a Jean Grey costume to go with one of his Cyclops costumes. I’m also working on a Darna costume. She’s a Filipino character similar to Wonder Woman. I’m sure I’ll be working on a lot of costumes this year, but I like to give myself a little wiggle room!

Chris: If you can have any super power, what would it be and why?

Margie Cox: Flight! I think it would be amazing to go as high as I can dream and not fear falling in real life.

Chris: What are some of your other hobbies besides cosplay?

Margie Cox: I wish I had more time to have hobbies. I spend so much of my emotional energy on people and the charity in Atlanta that I coordinate, that when I have free time, it’s usually just spent trying to decompress. I work two jobs and spend time getting orders ready for my Etsy shop: ThatChicGeekBoutique. I take classes at night to be a professional actor, so my time is incredibly limited. To have dreams, you have to live the reality. Unfortunately, my reality now is that I have very little time for myself.

Chris: Will you be making any appearances at any cons coming up?

Margie Cox: Not in the near future! DragonCon is enough for me for a while.

Chris: This is a question that I have yet to ask on “The C-Word,” what is your ultimate dream? Is it to meet a certain idol of yours or to make costumes for films or anything else? What would be a dream come true for you?

Margie Cox: My ultimate dream and goal is to be a working actor whose seen for more than “Oh, she’s pretty.” I feel like I bring more than pretty to everything I approach (at least I try to). I would love to be like Charlize Theron or Meryl Streep, not necessarily in the amount of fame they have, but at some point in my career, I want to be in front of a camera and disappear so completely and embody someone else so fully that you have no idea it’s me until they roll the credits.

As you can tell from the interview, Margie Cox is not only an aspiring actress, she’s aspiring at everything that she does. She has big ambitions and dreams that she is actually putting the work into. I wish Margie luck on accomplishing her dreams and hope to see her name in the end credits soon.

This wraps up another edition of “The C-Word.” Have a great weekend and for those of you going to Long Beach Comic Con tomorrow, I’ll see you there.

Be sure to like Margie Cox on Facebook, where you can see a lot more work from Margie. Here’s a few photos of hers to leave you with.


Catwoman. Photo by Grace Moss of Bodhi Tree Photography



Photo by Your Mojo by Jojo-Jo Arellanes 



Ms Marvel. Photo by AMPcosplay



Star Sapphire. Photo by Andrew Michael Phillips



Psylocke. Photo by Dru Phillips



She-Hulk. Photo by Dru Phillips. Make-up by Thomas Gaddis. Body paint by Dwight Dunbar



Lady Sif. Photo by Your Mojo by Jojo. Make-up by Thomas Gaddis