Hello everyone and happy comic book Wednesday! As always, it’s Chris Salce here bringing you another edition of “The C-Word.” This week, we bring you an interview with a girl that not only loves cosplay but also loves cartoons! (Funny enough, I’m watching cartoons as I type this all up). Here is my interview with the Courtoon. Enjoy…


Robin. Photo by M1photo

Chris: When did you first start cosplaying?

Courtoon: I first started cosplaying in 2007 after I discovered the crazy online world of “fandom”. I was very into fanart and fan videos, and after discovering cosplay I had to do that as well!

Chris: Do you make your own costumes? If so, what is the hardest part of making a costume that you have come across so far?

Courtoon: I do! I make most all of my costumes, a few times I’ve bought costumes from friends or commissioned someone to take the load off of myself and help a friend out at the same time, but for the most part I make my own costumes. The hardest part about making a costume is the motivation, I think a lot of people assume I love to sew… when in fact I really don’t! It’s just something I need to do if I want to be this character! The most fun for me is putting on the costume and hanging with your friends.

Chris: Which cosplay of yours gets the best reactions from the fans?

Courtoon: Hands down that has to be Tinkerbell, most of my Disney costumes get pretty good reactions, but Tinkerbell has remained a favorite over the years.



Chris: All of your cosplays look like if you are a cast member at Disneyland. They look VERY professional! Would you ever want to work at Disneyland as a character?

Courtoon: Of course! That would be a dream come true. I have auditioned a few times actually- I plan on continuing to audition while I’m still in this age range. Auditioning is really fun, everyone you meet is so lovely, and though the process has never been successful for me, it’s a great experience, and I would regret not continuing to try!

Chris: Do you have any tips for our readers that want to cosplay but don’t know where to start?

Courtoon: Thrift stores are your best friend. You would be amazed how much you can make from things from thrift stores. You can also learn a lot about garment construction if you want to buy cheap clothes to tear apart. Start simple and don’t get overwhelmed.

Chris: Are there any cosplayers that you have been inspired by?

Courtoon: I’m constantly inspired by my friends, I love going through my facebook and seeing what my friends are working on. It’s hard to name a few without naming everyone, but my friends never cease to amaze me. I get so excited every time they post a new makeup test or construction photo!

Chris: With a name like “Courtoon” (and by reading your bio), I see that you love cartoons. What are some of your favorite cartoons?

Courtoon: SCREAMS FROM THE TOP OF MY LUNGS* AVATARRRRR! I mean, if you listen to me for more than a few moments you will know my love for the Avatar series. I’ve loved cartoons my whole life, but that series changed my life, I went from wanting to be an actress to an animator and I returned to my childhood love of art. And of course, the obligatory new TMNT cartoon on Nick, I may be biased, but I think it’s a truly wonderful show.

Chris: What characters are you planning to cosplay as in the future?

Courtoon: I’m working on Anna’s coronation gown from Frozen, so hopefully I’ll be able to finish that soon! … Also a new Disney costume for the premiere of a new movie …

Chris: Will you be making any appearances at any conventions soon?

Courtoon: I will be attending some more cons here in Southern California over the next couple months, and I’m in talks with some other conventions in possibly coming to their con as a guest in the future.

The work that Courtoon puts into these costumes, show that she definitely has a passion for these costumes and the characters. When you have this much passion for the things that you do, you are bound to be successful in whatever you decide to do. I’m certain that she will be successful whether it’s in cosplay or her art and will be doing what she loves as a career eventually. Be sure to like Courtoon’s Facebook page and check out all of her awesome cosplays. There’s literally hundreds of more pics to see. I’ll leave you guys with just a few of her cosplay pics.


Daenerys of Game of Thrones. Dragons made by Nite Owl Workshop. Photo by Matt J



Cersei of Game of Thrones. Photo by Matt J



Anna from Frozen. Photo by Darkain Multimedia



Ariel photo by Felix Wong Photography



Katara photo by M1photo



Lux photo by CK December



Harley Quinn photo by Mitchell Sarroca



Yang costume by Melvinopolis Costuming & Design, Jacket by Courtoon. Photo by York in A Box