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Hey, hey, hey! It’s about that time again! Chris Salce here, bringing you another C-Word. In this edition of “The C-Word,” I interview one of Ottawa’s finest, Betty Nukem! I actually think she should add the exclamation point at the end of her name. When you read the interview you will see why…485584_528995030546691_2074697475_n


Chris: When did you first start cosplaying and what made you want to start?

Betty Nukem: Started actually convention cosplaying in 2012, when Comic-con finally came to Ottawa. It just seemed like a natural evolution for me since it combines all my major interests into one epic package of fandom, creativity and construction.

Chris: I see that you’re a makeup artist, how long have you been doing that for? I imagine it comes in handy with your cosplays. Your make-ups that I have seen, are amazing!


Betty Nukem: Hahaha I’m not a professional make-up artist. By that, I mean I never went to school for it or anything. So technically I don’t deserve the title. Thank you for the compliment though, I am self taught! As I am with a lot of the stuff I’ve learned to make my costumes.

Chris: Oh, so you make your own costumes? Do you have any tips for our readers that want to get started cosplaying?

Betty Nukem: I do, for the most part and as often as I can. I’m only human though and with a full time (plus) job, sometimes making all the elements is too time consuming…and sometimes, I’ll admit, too boring hahaha to do in my spare time. For example, I did not make the gun holsters for my (Lady) Deadpool cosplay, I bought them off amazon. For quality and time sake, it made sense.

Chris: Your Lady Deadpool cosplay is probably the best Lady Deadpool I’ve seen, your Harley is amazing, your fem Joker is adorable, and you make a great Rogue. Which of your cosplays is your favorite?

Betty Nukem: D’awww, thank you very much! They are all my favorite! I think Harley is my most beloved though. She’s a fun character to pretend to be and I get asked to do a lot of projects with it.

Chris: Which cosplay was just a pain, that you probably would never want to do again?

Betty Nukem: That depends…(laughs) construction wise or wearing wise? Some evils are necessary and I will subject myself to it over and over again just to see peoples faces light up- like my Lady Deadpool…the mask I made is a BITC* to wear haha. It’s made of latex rubber so it doesn’t breath and is super tight, which makes it hard to blink and breathe. Plus it gets really wet inside and after a few hours, starts to hurt from the squeezing. Good thing I got over my claustrophobia, because its pretty uncomfortable. If you’re talking construction wise….so far so good. But I’ll let you know hahaha.

Chris: Which characters do you have in mind to cosplay as next?

Betty Nukem: Currently working on Wolverine 1992 Xmen cartoon version, Bombshell Harley Quinn, New 52 Roller Derby Harley, Carnage and Poison Ivy from Arkham Asylum game. There are many others I have planned but not started yet…like Skeletor and Dani from Witchblade.

Chris: What’s your favorite thing about cosplay?

Betty Nukem: The community. It’s so welcoming and supportive, it truly feels like a big family. I love that.

Chris: Are you going to be making any appearances at any cons soon?

Betty Nukem: Oh gawd, I really hope so! My job is super demanding right now…so until it calms down, I can’t plan for anything. It’s very upsetting! I bought my tickets for NYCC though, so fingers crossed that I will get to actually go to it!

Chris: Out of all pop culture characters, who is your most favorite of all time and why? You can pick two if you’d like, since there are so many great characters out there.

Betty Nukem: ERMERGRRRD….such a difficult question! Hmph, um… I love me some Batman (and all the characters in that universe.. *sigh* Harley, cat woman, penguin, two-face, ivy, joker…eep!). But 1990’s cartoon version, not the Christian Bale version (don’t get me wrong, those were great movies, but the cartoon was the version I first fell for) because he’s tall dark and handsome, tough as nails and he’s a detective with sweet gadgets and vehicles…not to mention filthy rich, but not cocky about it…also Wayne Enterprises owns The Daily Planet where Clark Kent works, therefore Superman is his bitc* hahaha. Need I say more?

Chris: If you can have any super power, what would it be and why?

Betty Nukem: Man, that’s SUCH a tough question… I always thought it would be cool to have shape shifting powers, like Mystique or Morph. It would be easier to list the abilities that I wouldn’t want I think hahaha.

Now do you see why the exclamation point needs to be added at the end up her name? Pretty explosive personality, right? This interview was done through emails back and forth, and I still got a great sense of her personality. I hope all of you enjoyed this edition of “The C-Word,” and come back soon. In our next C-Word, I will be interviewing the lovely Abby Normal. (yet, another great alias). Until then, enjoy these pics of Betty Nukem and make sure to follow/add/visit her on the following sites: Facebook, Instagram @bettynukem, Twitter @bettynukem, Imgur, Pinterest, and Tumblr. Other sites that will be launching soon or are currently under construction are: Betty Nukem Cosplay, Vine (Betty Nukem) and Youtube.

Enjoy these photos of Betty Nukem’s cosplays!


Lady Deadpool
















Arkham City Harley Quinn. Photo credit Richard Dufault









Fem Joker