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The C-Word with Cosplayer Abby Normal

Hello yet again! It’s Chris, giving you guys another C-word for the second time this week, as a thank you to all of you who have been coming back to read these interviews with all of these awesome cosplayers. Earlier this week, I had a C-Word with the very awesome Betty Nukem. And as promised, this new edition of “The C-Word,” is with lovely Abby Normal. You guys and gals are definitely going to want to add her after this interview…that’s if you already haven’t.

Raven. Photo by AFK

Chris: So when did you get into cosplay? What got you started?

Abby Normal: I wore my first cosplay (publicly) in 2005 at my first comic con, and I wore my older brothers hand-me-down Naruto cosplay. Oh gosh it was so bad (laughs), but I was just so happy to be cosplaying! My dad has always been a big costume enthusiast and a re-enactor, so my family has always been very into cosplay!

Chris: (Laughs) that’s awesome. So about how old were you?

Abby Normal: I was only 7, I was chubby, had buck teeth, and was just a total disaster! It was a really awkward time (laughs).

Chris: Adorable! (laughs). Do you make your own costumes now?

Abby Normal: My most recent cosplay (Red Son Harley) I put together myself with the help of Peachykiki for my jacket and Mark Turner for making my awesome hammer and sickle! But for all my other cosplays (Raven and classic Harley Quinn) those were made by Peachykiki as well! Although I will be making most of my cosplays from here on out! I wish I had half the talent that some of the cosplay makers out there have. Making cosplays is really an art, and I highly respect anyone who can do it!

Chris: Yeah, I thought about cosplaying (and still do think about it) but I’m not handy at all when it comes to that stuff. Which cosplay has had the best reaction from people at the cons? I would ask which cosplay of yours is your favorite, but I know it’s like picking a favorite child (laughs).

Abby Normal: I mean even if your cosplay isn’t the best around, you just have to wear it with confidence. Be proud of what you made and people will notice! My first cosplays where cheap Halloween costumes but I wore them like nobodies business and people enjoyed it! Also you can never get better at making cosplays until you try and keep trying!…Oh gosh, the cosplay everyone loves the most is my Raven, for sure. I think people really love it because Teen Titans really was an incredibly well done show. No one really cosplays it too often so people just go berserk over it when they see it!

Chris: What characters do you plan on cosplaying as next?

Abby Normal: The character I am planning on cosplaying next is most likely Kirito from the new season of Sword Art Online, because I am very, very into anime. I want to drift my cosplays more in that direction. Although I will be working on a Zelda Hyrule Warriors cosplay starting this October!

Chris: So these next ones, you’ll be making?

Abby Normal: I’ll be making the armor for them both! I don’t trust my sewing skills enough yet to be able to do intricate work so I will get help on the clothing.

Chris: Awesome and good luck with that! I can’t wait to see how they turn out. What other hobbies do you like to do when you aren’t cosplaying?

Abby Normal: Well I love crafts, painting, and anything involving art! And I actually make a living making jewelry which I really enjoy! When I’m just being a lazy potato though, I enjoy curling up, eatting junk food, and watching anime (laughs).

Chris: That all sounds like a good time (laughs). Out of every character in pop culture, who is your favorite or one of your favorites?

Abby Normal: That’s the hardest question oh my gosh!!!

Chris: I like to throw in a hard question or two (laughs).

Abby Normal: Well currently I would have to say I love how Steve Rogers has been portrayed in the new marvel films. His character has stayed true to how it always has been. He never goes against his own beliefs, and they never try to make his character more “dark and edgy” so he could be more relatable. He has morals and sticks to them. Unlike in the new Man of Steel where they tried to do that to Super Man and had him break someone’s neck to show he has a dark side. That’s not anything Superman would ever do! But my favorite characters are always changing, and Wonder Woman and Peter Quill are both definitely strong contenders.

Chris: I do like your answer because I wasn’t expecting you to say Steve Rogers.

At this point, we got diverted into a different discussion about “Dawn of Justice.” To sum up the conversation, we both agreed that we aren’t too fond about Jesse Eisenberg playing Lex Luthor and then we started talking about Stan Lee’s Comikaze. (Which we will both be appearing at). This interview with Abby Normal was definitely a fun one. She seems like a girl that has a very kind heart. We probably could have continued the interview and conversations a lot longer, but I didn’t want to keep her from her cosplay and anime haha. Make sure to like her Facebook page!

Here are some of Abby Normal’s awesome cosplay pics:



Photo by Alvin Johnson




Red Son Harley Quinn


Harley Quinn


Marceline. Photo by Caperture Photography and Mission Start Podcast