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Box Office Update: Black Adam is The Rock’s Biggest Opening!

Numbers are in and Black Adam is a blockbuster and the biggest opening for a Dwayne Johnson led film.

The tally for the weekend are coming up at $67 million domestic take making Black Adam the biggest movie opening for The Rock even topping the Fast and Furious spinoff “Hobbs and Shaw.”

This is a true feat considering that Rotten Tomatoes movie critics, that don’t pay to watch the movie, have hammered Black Adam with a 40% rating but what is truly amazing is that fans are keeping it alive with a 90% approval on RT and a B+ on CinemaScore and at the end, fans pay for their admission.

The big question is will the movie have legs past next weekends expected drop off. We are also juts a few weeks away from Wakanda Forever which is tracking thru the roof.

Coming in 2nd this weekend is the George Clooney/Julia Roberts’ Rom-Com “Tickets to Paradise” which was tracking for a respectable $12 million dollar opening and ended up overperforming with a $16.3 million debut.

Halloween Ends lost its second week legs with a huge drop off of 80% coming on at 3rd at $8 million take bringing its total worldwide boxoffice take of $82 million.

These numbers for “Ends” are making it a huge hit for Universal since its $30 million dollar budget was modest compared to Black Adam’s $195 million not counting another $100 million plus in marketing.

Overall movie theater owners must be breathing a little better this year, blockbusters are back and fans are headed back to the movies.