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Before going to sleep, I usually listen to my podcast stations & last night I was glad to see that there was a new “Fatman on Batman” which as some of you know, is hosted by Kevin Smith. His guest for this newest episode was Marc Tyler Nobleman, the author of more than 70 books & one by the name of “Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-creator of Batman.” So before I get into what was said in the podcast, don’t shoot the messenger.

Bill Finger’s story starts about 21 minutes into the podcast. Marc Tyler Nobleman is trying to pitch to Google a Google doodle, something they normally do to celebrate a type of a event or an important person. Since Feb. 8th is Finger’s birthday & 2014 is the 75th anniversary of Batman.

So who is Bill Finger you ask? Well most of us know that Bob Kane created Batman. Well according to Marc Tyler, that isn’t exactly true. Bill Finger (born Milton Finger) was the writer of Batman & the one who created the very famous Batsuit. While Bob Kane was the artist, what we see today is Finger’s design. Kane & Finger came together in 1939, which Kane drew up his vision of what Batman would look like. In Kane’s original vision, Batman had a “generic red union suit,” a Robin like domino mask & wings attached to his arms. Finger then transformed Kane’s vision into the one that we are familiar with today. Bob Kane then took that to the offices of National which would later become DC, with no mention of Finger & also with no story. So all he pretty much had was the Batman look from Finger & nothing else.

kanes-sketchThis is based off of Kane’s original design.

From there, Tyler has a list of all things Batman related that Bill Finger was responsible for & not Bob Kane. The list includes: the origin story of Batman, (the death of Bruce’s parents) Gotham City, the names of Bruce Wayne & Dick Grayson, the Batcave, the Batmobile, Robin, Catwoman, Penguin, Riddler, & the nickname of “Dark Knight.”

Bill Finger is also responsible for The Clock King character which first appeared in the Adam West Batman series whom is also rumored to be coming back in the hit CW TV series “Arrow,” Finger also co-created the very first Green Lantern (Alan Scott). Bill Finger died with no obituary, no gravestone, & no credit for co-creating Batman. Currently, Marc Tyler is working on a documentary about Bill Finger.

You can hear the complete story on episode 53 of “Fatman on Batman.” Also you can read about Bill Finger in the book “Bill the Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator of Batman,” which is available now.

Source: Fatman on Batman