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Black Ops 3: Awakening DLC Details Released, including Maps, Videos, and Zombies

The first DLC for Black Ops 3, The Awakening, has a official release date now and it’s coming fast. Treyarch an Activision have now released videos that feature previews of the new maps. When the DLC was first announced in December, Awakening is the first of four planned DLC confirmed for 2016. With four new multiplayer maps and a brand new zombie experience coming our way, we have a better look at the upcoming multiplayer.

The Black Ops 3 Season Pass is available for $49.99 with four DLC packs including Awakening which you can start playing on February 2nd for PS4 and 30 days later on March 2nd for Xbox One and PC.

With the announcement a new gameplay footage of the DLC has been released which shows off the brand new maps of Splash, Gauntlet, Rise, and Skyjacked. And for those Zombie players, towards the end of the video we get some new footage of the new zombie map Der Eisendrache.

Some new details on the upcoming maps have been released that give us som insight on what we can expect.

Gauntlet – Set in a military training environment with a snowy lane, jungle lane and urban lane.

Splash – Set in an abandoned water theme park. The paths include using slides to move around and underwater combat.

Rise – Set in a construction facility the developers describe it as a classic Call of Duty map that includes a lot of cover to cover based combat.

Skyjacked – Fast paced remake of Hijacked from Black Ops 2 that includes new options to make use of new movement mechanics.

Zombies is back and bigger then ever, Der Eisendrache takes place in a medieval castle where many atrocities have been committed, the map is episode 4 of the zombie story and the first chapter that introduces a time travel experience which will continue through upcoming DLC.