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Stan Lee has made a cameo in almost every Marvel movie ever produced. If you saw Big Hero 6 this weekend, you know that the film being the first animated Marvel movie didn’t stop Lee from appearing in some form. In case you have not seen Big Hero 6 yet, we will issue a spoiler warning, but when we spoke to Big Hero 6 directors Don Hall and Chris Williams, we learned there was a little more to Stan Lee’s appearance than met the eye.

“We looked and looked and looked,” Hall said. “When we came upon the idea of Fred being a secretly super wealthy dude, we thought it would be funny if his dad was Stan Lee, because he’s such a comic book nerd. It just felt right that the son of Stan Lee would be, like us, a giant comic book nerd.”

When Fred is showing his fellow heroes around his mansion, a family portrait shows the likeness of Stan Lee as the patriarch. “We knew it would be in there somewhere,” Williams said.

But it sounds like they’re saying this isn’t Stan Lee playing Fred’s Dad. This may be the actual Stan Lee fathering the member of Big Hero 6. “Well, we never say his name,” Hall clarified. “He just looks suspiciously like Stan Lee.”

Read the rest of our interview with Big Hero 6 directors Don Hall and Chris Williams HERE.


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