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Battlefront 2 Ditching Pay-to-Win System With Latest Update

EA has released the latest patch notes for Star Wars Battlefront 2. With the latest patch, players will notice that the model for microtransactions have been changed, removing any trace of a “pay-to-win” play style for the future.

In the latest update, instead of a loot box system dictating what Star Cards and what amount of credits are awarded, now players will only be able to receive advantages through skill and achievement. This means, that the progression in game should become a whole lot more linear, and feel more fair to all players.

All credits, Star Cards, and heroes previously earned will still be unlocked for players who have already unlocked them.

The loot box system is not going away completely though. Soon players will have the chance for more cosmetic upgrades and customization. Players will have an opportunity to use credits and loot boxes to unlock new skins and species. This has been a feature missing completely from the game, and fans have begged for this feature ever since launch as well.

Among these changes, balancing tweaks to the game have been applied as well. Read all about the update, and specific details here: https://battlefront-forums.ea.com/discussion/99477/star-wars-battlefront-ii-release-notes-patch-1-2/p1?new=1

It seems as though the developers seem to have finally listened to the thousands of fans outcry. One can only hope this update is not too late.