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Battlefield. Whether you’re in a jet or on an attack boat with squad mates, the freedom of choice is clearly present in this game. As a member of the team you work to complete missions and fight your way through stages littered with bullets and bombs. Though Battlefield as a franchise has built its games on memorable moments, epic and intimate, it still retains that sense of immersion not found in most games. Then again, as YouTube has shown us, there are way better players out there than you or I. But as a girl I have issues in playing with the boys! So as a bubbly blond who would rather use magic, I have traded in my space magic for a machine gun and my Pikachu PJs for a bullet proof vest in this rather interesting venture into the world of Battlefield 4 (BF4).


The story seems simple enough and doesn’t stray far from the path as most games do. Side missions and service missions are as required and you have the ability to rush it or take your own time! I like that you stick with your team and that they have individual personalities; it doesn’t feel as robotic as other AI in other games. Plus, picking up items and holding guns has become organized. Everything has its place and shows all the guns you can get in the game.


What’s nice for BF4 is the endless add ons! What’s not so nice is steep prices for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation, you could pay anywhere from $4.99 to $49.99…per add on. Though if you wanted to add in the cheats and support kits go ahead and pay but if you can do on your own then more power to you really! If what you have on disk is just fine then no need to spend extra on a game you like as is.

Graphics and sound are as expected: It’s good and better with an HDTV with surround sound blaring. Of course it’s pristine on the new Xbox One or PS4. Most people would wait on getting a game like this, due to the many other First Person Shooter Wargames using realistic weapons and that weird “I-can-recover-to-full-heath-if-I-just-duck-behind-this-barrel-after-taking-several-bullet-wounds”. I can tell you it wouldn’t hurt to have it so you could play while you were waiting for another game that’s better! Disk 1 is Multiplayer, Disk 2 is Single Player, so thank you EA for making it so aggravating for us all! But I suppose I can’t fix something that not broken.


Single player mode isn’t too bad. Great for those that knows the rules of engagement for shooter war games, but bad for people that want to run-and-gun. Still, pay attention to what’s being said because what’s being asked of you is to do most of the grunt work for the better half of the game! Though gameplay for starters is do A, B, and C, it just adds up to where you left off when you first started the game. Regardless, like Grand Theft Auto, they have made getting around easy by highlighting it on a map. I’m a brain dead blonde when it comes to games that involve combat or with guns, but the ease of location really helped. Its got way more story than I would like but what game doesn’t have that once in a while?

Be aware of the space you use for your game play, it takes forever to “install content”, but when you finally do, you’re ready to go. Updates for the Xbox 360 are constant but when they drag into your game time, forget it! Best to do all the updating earlier in the day because it’s going to take you an hour just to get to the game going itself. FYI, the BF4 multiplayer update 9 is dragging me down here EA…if I have to do this again with multiplayer update 10, I rather play viva piñata. 😛 But there’s nothing wrong with a long loading time for those that want to make nachos or grab a beer (which sounds fantastic right about now). It made me feel like playing drunk could have helped.

As a result I’ve learned to just not play these kinds of games. I know I want to do better as a player, but for me I’m just not fit for this game. I’m sure for anyone who sees this will think differently like many of my friends who have fallen for this game, it’s just not my cup of tea and running around doing things that just don’t interest me is rather annoying. Sadly I do digress it’s a game for the epic gamer who doesn’t fear shooting people in the head and listening to directions! For the men I will throw you a 5/5 to stop the thirst. For me, I’ll stick to my Pokemon.


-Elizabeth the PikaBoo

(with help from Jay “Mouse” Vales)

About The Author

Jay is a veteran of the video game industry, with several AAA titles under his belt, including work in World of Warcraft (vanilla), Grand Theft Auto 4, Grand Theft Auto 4: The Lost and Damned, Smackdown vs. RAW 2010, among others. His resume includes Quality Assurance, 3d Animator, Game Operations, and Lead Game Designer. He is currently a professor at Art Institutes teaching game theory and has written articles for print and internet publications for over 15 years.

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