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B.J. Novak’s Role for AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2 Revealed!


It seems as though so many studios have been trying to pack in as many heroes & villains they can into their superhero films lately. Amazing Spider-Man 2 is an example. We already know that we will see Electro (Jamie Foxx), Rhino (Paul Giamatti), & Green Goblin (Dane DeHaan). Now we know that there will be another villain looming in the background.

While helping to promote B.J. Novak’s new book called “One More Thing,” director Marc Webb tweeted the following:

“Almost shot ASM2 in B+W til @bjnovak’s (A. Smythe) promo for his excellent book ONE MORE THING beat me to it.”

A.Smythe is short for Alistair Smythe. In the comics, Alistair Smythe became paralyzed after a lab accident & then put into a wheelchair. Alistair is responsible for creating the robots called “Spider Slayers,“ which were used to try to defeat Spider-Man. Alistair then enhanced himself by encasing his whole body in a bio-organic carapace that gave him full armor. This enhancement not only gave Alistair super strength & the ability to walk again but also gave him wings, talon-like feet, & sharp blades throughout his body. Thus, the Ultimate Spider Slayer was born.

It’s not clear yet if we will see the actual Spider Slayer or if he will just be Alistair Smythe. I don’t mind cameos of villains that we can potentially see in the future films, but the more & more villains that get added to a film, makes it harder to develop each individual character when there’s so little time to do it in a film since it has to be shared by everyone.

Do you guys think it’s a good move by Sony Pictures to capitalize on their Spider-Man property by introducing so many villains at once?

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