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At a live announcement event, in which Samuel L. Jackson and Clark Gregg took part in, Disney Interactive President Jimmy Pitaro announced that Marvel’s Avengers will be joining the already iconic cast of Disney Infinity for Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes.


Pitaro said, ”of course, we need to add great new characters and create innovative new gameplay. No other company in the world has a treasure trove of characters and brands like Disney does,” Pitaro said, right before showing the presentation of the trailer which included villains Loki and M.O.O.D.A.K. taking on the Avengers with help from Spider-man and the Guardians of the Galaxy’s very own Groot and Rocket Raccoon.


Disney Infinity 2.0 will allow everything from Disney Infinity 1.0 to still be compatible, which creators said was “difficult,” but they made it work.

The new starter pack will come with Iron Man, Thor and Black Widow, plus the Avengers playset piece and two new “interactive game pieces,” which will add two new game modes. The new version will include multiplayer to the adventure games.


Disney Infinity: Marvel Super Heroes will launch this Fall and will be available for WiiU, PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PC, and iOS.

I think this is a great idea to bring in Disney’s mega property into this innovative game and it’s a great way to get more kids into the world of Marvel. Actually, I’m sure a lot of adults will also want to get their hands on this game.

Source: Newsarama