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Avengers 4 Just Received A Huge Tease For It’s Title

Ever since the Infinity War Pt 2 was scrapped as the title for Avengers 4, Fans have Clamored to know what the title is, so we can better understand what to expect in this upcoming blockbuster.

Well, we just received our first clue as to what the title is. The Russo Brothers just recently tweeted this tease on their Twitter page captions “look hard”…



While at first glance, this appears to be nothing but a behind the scenes look. Some awesome fans have come together and really put solid evidence behind the title “Avengers: Assemble” using evidence from this tweeted picture in fact.



But that is only part of it, the plot thickens…



While “Avengers: Assemble” may not end up being the title, or give much insight as to what the story of the movie will entail, this title would fit perfectly as it is the call of The Avengers, in almost every other medium.


Find original tweet HERE