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None of his friends knew this asshole had a drinking problem?

They say you can’t take it with you, but in Ryan Dunn’s case you certainly can take someone with you.  Being a Pied Piper of today’s youth, he did have someone follow him into the grave and he was the one blowing the pipes.  I can only say that Dunn was a factor in the Jackass franchise, which was a crowning jewel in today’s reality television-mania.Jackass star Johnny Knoxville and crew would wow audiences with their antics and death defying stunts.  Dunn was part of this crew and gave it his all.  Remember when he shoved a toy car up his ass to mystify a doctor and his assistant after they examined the x-ray?  Also, Dunn sat buck-naked on a block of ice to have it kicked out from under him.  The ice had particles of crap and blood embedded in it.  On the side, Dunn was howling in pain!  Hilarious!!!

Ryan Dunn died of a car accident after driving his Porsche 911 off the road while having a blood alcohol level of 0.196 (more than twice the normal limit).  Also killed in the accident was Zachary Hartwell, a production assistant on Jackass Two.  Investigations show that he was driving between 132 to 140 miles per hour in a 55 limit zone.

As stated in a talk back, Dunn was a misogynist, a dangerous drunk, a repellant homophobe, and an all around douchebag.  I couldn’t agree more, but I still loved the guy.  When a person dies, it’s sad, regardless of whether or not they were responsible for their own death.  In this case, there’s a greater responsibility.  When a person is surrounded by friends who constantly dare that person to be stupid, is it really so surprising when that person dies as a result of their own stupidity?  Being dared to do stupid acts was his bread and butter. It paid for the Porsche 911 he was driving.  The actors on Jackass are guys who think it’s funny and cool to do things which put themselves at risk for great bodily harm and injury, and they have conveyed this message to the youth of America.  Was there any other inevitability than the untimely death of one of them?  The only thing they didn’t forsee was that one of their deaths would not be filmed during one of their stunts.  So, what person dared Ryan to exceed the speed limit, flip his Porsche 911 over, and blow up in his car in a fireball?  (He blowed up real good!) It really was unfortunate that the cameras weren’t rolling.  Even so, James Dean did it first!  Dunn could have been more creative.

Calling Dunn a Pied Pipper is probably extreme statement.  A vain, pompous assed, statis seeking jerk would be more like it.  If there is a hell, Dunn is one of its brightest flames.  (The alcohol makes things burn a tad brighter doncha know!)


Update: Just to be clear ( For those people who do not get it) this is a spoof article since so many are hailing this guy as a hero. We here at NtF do NOT support, feel sorry or pity Drunk Driving scum bags. Please remember the victims NOT this guy!!