Ghostbeaters and deadites are in mourning after THR broke the news that STARZ has canceled the horror-comedy series Ash vs Evil Dead. The unapologetic, politically incorrect, horror comedy series is currently in its third season with just two episodes left. The series will now conclude on April 29th. The initial plan for the show was for five seasons with an option to continue if the series was a hit. Unfortunately, the show couldn’t muster the casual viewer and ratings dwindled for the season three premiere on April 15, 2018, with just 175,000 viewers. Ash vs Evil Dead launched in October of 2015 with 437,000 viewers respectively. The series picked up thirty years later after the events of the film Army of Darkness, the third movie in the Evil Dead trilogy.  The show was rounded out by a superb cast including co-stars Ray Santiago as Pablo Simon Bolivar, Dana DeLorenzo as Kelly Maxwell, and Lucy Lawless as Ruby.  Bruce Campbell tweeted the following to his fans;

Some fans (including yours truly) became a bit unsettled last month regarding the future of the show when Bruce Campbell was asked if there would ever be another Evil Dead movie. Campbell’s response,  “Another movie? No, no, no, Because if they cancel it [Ash vs Evil Dead] I think Ash is done. There’s lavender on my property. I’m gonna smoke weed and hang out.”

So this may very well be the end of the road for our favorite “boomstick” wielding protagonists… If you want to catch up with seasons one and two, they’re currently available on Blu-ray and DVD with season one streaming on Netflix.

One can’t help but wonder how a great show like Ash vs Evil Dead gets canceled yet that zombie’sh “Fear the Wal…” show keeps coming back? It’s a hell of a plague I tell ya’.