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Developer Arika recently announced that Fighting EX Layer is heading to PC. Originally released on the PlayStation 4 back in June, the PC releases will 4K support and will release either later this year or sometime in early 2019.

However, it was announced on the Arika Facebook page that the PC version won’t feature cross-play between PS4 and PC users:

We are terribly sorry, but this impossible with our company’s assets. We do not have the funding to prepare an Entry Server, Matching Server, and Relay Server around the entire world. It’s impossible to do without having a game that’s a huge hit worldwide as well as plenty of DLC items to cover the funds. We apologize for our lack of ability.

It’s a bit unfortunate that players will be able to challenge their friends across both platforms but seeing as Arika is not a huge publisher it’s understandable.

Arika also previously announced that they would be working on an Arcade version of Fighting Layer EX, that will be put on hold right now while they develop the Steam version of the game. There is quite a bit to read including an update to the PS4 version that will releases sometime later that will make changes to the Gouki Deck:

While the sales of the PS4 version weren’t the best, it was thanks to everyone’s support that we were able to release two additional characters at no extra charge. We truly thank you.

As we promised in our original plan, we would like to begin working on a Steam version. However, since we do not have a Season Pass or DLC, we do not have enough Development Funds. Therefore, we are facing a dilemma where we cannot work on the Steam version and the newest Update at the same time. In addition, we are also developing the Arcade version right now.

So, after taking everything into consideration, we decided to prioritize working on the Steam version. The main reason is that the arcade board used by Taito runs the same OS as Steam.

We have decided to develop this as Version 1.1.1 (the current PS4 version is 1.1.0). We did not plan on adding any balance changes.

However, the other day Nishitani-san said that he wished to change some of the Gougi decks, which if we decide to do, would lead to the Arcade and Steam versions being 1.1.1 while the PS4 version remains 1.1.0, which means there would be a difference between platforms.

We fully understand that this would not make the PS4 users happy. So, we decided to push ourselves are update the PS4 version to 1.1.1 as well.

Right now, the Development Team is putting everything they have into releasing the same version over 3 different platforms. There may end up being some slight differences between the versions, but we ask for your understanding.

Also, please understand that the reality that the development of any potential updates or new content is based on the sales of these upcoming versions.

When the release day is decided, we will make a formal announcement.