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Anime Expo 2019 – Studio Trigger Unveils Newest Project BNA

Studio Trigger has no short supply of amazing works of animation on their hands. These works range from Kill la Kill, to Little Witch Academia, all the way to their latest project Promare (which premiers this September in a theater near you).

However, as is tradition, Studio Trigger likes to tease their newest projects to the fans attending Anime Expo. This year, shortly after the special premier of Promare, fans were treated to a tease of Trigger’s next project, BNA.

BNA (Brand New Animal) takes the studio’s theme and focus this time around, and points it towards animals. Like works prior there is always a driving thematic element or gimmick to Trigger’s works. Before Trigger has taken elements such as clothing for Kill la Kill, and Fire for Promare. With Animals it will be interesting to see how Trigger will wow us with this concept.

It is confirmed that BNA will be episodic. Story details are not present at this time.