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Namtar here…

At Sunday’s Academy Awards show, actress Angelina Jolie took to the microphone to present the Oscars for Best Original Screenplay, and Best Adapted Screenplay. Shouting and cat calls came from a few audience members when Jolie revealed her right leg as it jutted out a thigh high slit from her black velvet Versace dress.

Earlier in the program actresses Jennifer Lopez and Cameron Diaz took to the stage to announce the awards for Best Costume Design and Best Make-Up, while making a high point of showing off they derrieres to the viewers in an attempt to be cute.  Viewers claim when Lopez turned around, she had a wardrobe malfunction and the dress revealed a nip.  Looking at the video, it seems there are more than a few people hunting for something that wasn’t there and didn’t happen.

Shortly after each incident, Twitter accounts popped up with the handles, “@JLosNipple” and “@AngiesRightLeg.”

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@JLosNipple first posted, “DID YOU SEE ME!?” and has since tweeted 74 times to 1960 followers. @AngiesRightLeg already has 12,900 followers after its first post “Look at me!” and is following one person: @JLosNipple.

According to the official Oscars.com website, Angelina Jolie was the third highest trending topic throughout the show, just behind Meryl Streep and “The Artist.”

Jolie’s up-to-there slit in her Versace dress and frail figure ignited 3,399 tweets per minute, according to Us Weekly.

And of course, there is already the Angelina’s leg photobomb meme and Buzzfeed’s brilliant, “If Both Of Angelina’s Legs Were Showing” photo.  Angelina Jolie’s Leg even has its own Facebook account called Angelina Jolie’s Leg, check it out!

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