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AM2 2011

This fourth of July weekend Anaheim played host to the first ever Anime Manga Music Convention or AM2 as it’s known as. It’s the same weekend as the more well known convention at the Los Angeles Convention Center, Anime Expo which was just a half a hour drive away (actually more like a hour or so due to LA traffic). AM2 had quite an impressive line of guests and performers such as Masao Maruyama (Trigun and Black Lagoon) and Sunao Katabuchi (Black Lagoon and Mai Mai Miracle), SadieKanon X Kanonheidi, and Scandal just to name a few. Plus there was a wide arrey of activities to attend such as the AniMaid Café, the Masquerade, the Summer Festival, Pirate Rum Party, the Fashion Show, and much much more! What was really interesting about this convention was the fact that general admission was absolutely free, yeah you heard me FREE! But if you are willing to shell out the extra cash attendees can have access to such benefits as priority seating at events, meet and greets with guests, and etc.

For a first year convention it had quite a bit of potential but I feel it would do so much better if it would move to another weekend other than the same weekend as it’s much bigger counterpart Anime Expo. But I will admit it was refreshing to be able to walk the convention floor without having the bump into legions of fanboys or getting my foot stepped on every couple of feet. Here’s a few photos for your viewing pleasure and hopefully I’ll catch ya’all at the next con!


More photos at Mad Calamity Photos.


– Michael Pao aka MPsy –