AT Enchiridion DVD Copy

Cartoon Network’s Adventure Time: The Enchiridion DVD is now available and if you’re wondering whether or not you want to purchase it, here’s our review that may help you make that decision.

Adventure Time: The Enchiridion includes  a collection of 16 episodes. The episodes included are:

1. The Enchiridion
2. In Your Footsteps
3. Henchmen
4. Billy’s Bucket List
5. Betty
6. Ocarina
7. Astral Plane
8. Ghost Fly
9. Root Beer Guy
10. The Pajama War
11. What Have you done?
12. James II
13. Web Weirdos
14. The Gut Grinder
15. No One Can Hear You
16. Dungeon Train

All these episodes make for about 173 minutes of Adventure. Four of these episodes were recently released with the Adventure Time: The Complete Fifth Season in-home release. It also includes the fan-favorite episode based on the Ancient Book for Heroes.

With in-home releases, you almost expect some kind of bonus features but unfortunately, this DVD collection does not include any, so that’s a bit of a let down. Usually the Adventure Time collection DVD’s don’t have any bonus features but bonus features are usually included with their complete season releases. 


There’s nothing too special about the packaging other than the colorful cover it has.


Over two hours of Adventure Time is a pretty good length for any Adventure Time fan to enjoy one of their favorite cartoon series. I think that this DVD collection would have been much better if it included some sort of bonus features or collectible if you purchased it. In conjunction with this DVD, Abrams Books released a new book Adventure Time: The Enchiridion & Marcy’s Super Secret Scrapbook. It would have been cool if the two came together as a package.

If you don’t have Netflix, buying this DVD will let you  enjoy Adventure Time whenever you want, how many times you want. It does retail for about $19.82, which can be kind of pricey depending on your budget.

I give Adventure Time: The Enchiridion 6 fridges out of 10.



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