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the_flashMuch like what Warner Bros. & DC did with the series Smallville, DC & Arrow producers, have made it a point to grow the presence of the DC universe within the show by adding characters like Amanda Waller, Black Canary, Bronze Tiger & Sebastian Blood to the season 2 roster. But no character has gotten as much interest as Barry Allen aka The Flash.

As reported by Nuke The Fridge, The Flash will be appearing in the upcoming season of Arrow in 3 episodes. The 8th, 9th & 12th episodes to be exact. This will be used as a pilot for The Flash to lead into his own spin-off. The producers of the show have had pretty much everything down to detail about the character except, who will play Barry Allen. But now, a rumor may shed some light on that.

According to Latino Review, the creators of Arrow have narrowed down the list of possible actors to 3. While one is still a mystery, the other 2 are James Mackay, an Australian actor who has an upcoming role in Singularity, opposite of Josh Hartnett. & the other is Matt Barr, who had a supporting role in the History Channel’s Hatfields & McCoys.

Being that these actors are somewhat new to Hollywood & most of you haven‘t heard of them, this may be a good thing as most people would rather prefer fresh face actors as opposed to veteran actors, when it comes to the casting of iconic characters. I mean, look at the uproar that happened when DC cast Ben Affleck as the new Batman.

The good thing about shows like Arrow & the upcoming Flash, is that it’s a lot less risky for the studios. It’s a lot easier to scrap an actor or the series, than it is to do when it comes to the big screen. It’s also a lot less risky when it comes to the money part of it for the studios.

We can expect to see Barry Allen aka The Flash (& whoever does get the part) in action, this coming season of  Arrow, which premiers October 9th at 8PM on the CW

source: Latino Review