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Activision releases new Blackout map “Alcatraz”

Looks like Blackout is expanding. Activision released a trailer to it’s newest map being added to Black Ops 4, specifically to Blackout. The new map, Alcatraz, is based on the famous island prison off the coast of San Francisco. The focus on the new map is close quarter combat within the small space of the island. The map itself is said to be much smaller than the original Blackout map and built similarly to the actual Alcatraz island. Cell house, lighthouse, ruins, and camps give you plenty of places to cause mayhem.

The new Alcatraz map isn’t just an ordinary map. It plays more like a multiplayer match with the ability to rejoin the match if you’re killed. You’re pitted in a match of 40 players in groups of 4 where you drop from a portal into the island. There are also weapons you can purchase scattered throughout the map, called Weapon Wall Buy, which change every 30 seconds. And naturally, there are zombies included.

This is a new take on the battle royale genre and could help Black Ops 4 become the new king of battle royale. The map is available now on PS4 and later on XB1 and PC.