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About “World War Z”

Namtar here …

What if there had been a great Zombie war?  What would the history books say?  Author Max Brooks wrote the tale of UN representative Gerry Lane, who writes a report on the great zombie war, and interviews the survivors in the wake of “World War Z.”

With the post apocalyptic pandemic over, man must rebuild.  This doesn’t mean there won’t be any human-zombie battles.  More than likely they will take place in a series of flashbacks.  Brooks’ novel isn’t so much about the gory killing or undead carnage, anyway; rather, it’s a (admittedly, often less-than-subtle) political allegory that examines certain contemporary issues or concerns through the lens of a monster invasion tale.

At this time, actor Bryan Cranston (AMC’s “Breaking Bad”) is in talks for a “small, but flashy” role in the film.  Also, the film recently wrapped production in the Republic of Malta, which stood in as the setting for the country of Israel.

“World War Z” is currently filming in Cornwall U.K., and will move on to shoot in Hungary.  The film has a tentative release date sometime in the summer of 2012, and stars Brad Pitt, Mirielle Enos, James Badge Dale, Elyes Gabel, Julia Levy-Boeken, and Katinka Egres.  Matthew Michael Carnahan (“State of Play,”) and J. Michael Straczynski (“Thor,” and creator of “Babylon 5”) wrote the screenplay, from a novel by Max Brooks.  Marc Forster directs.

“The Dead will rise!”

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