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Since the Star Wars Blu-rays where released today,  we decided to post a Star Wars rant as reader sent us..

“I cant understand George Lucas. He spent 3 years on each of his original star wars films then dropped the ball and wrote the next 3  all in 1 year. Plus i think that models are better than CGI any day. Yeah they look fake but so does CGI and at least models are real physical things. hopefully Lucas and Spielberg will stop shitting out more crappy movies and retire from the biz. i want my original Star Wars  movie print on blue ray not the crappy remakes! and they just had to cast that little pussy Hayden Christensen as the most powerful jedi ever! that ruined the movies for me almost as bad as Samuel L Jacksons epic closing line of “this parties over”in episode 2.they should have made him say” im a mutha f**king jedi muth f**cka! and this parties just getting started!” as he pounds a forty and holds his lightsaber side ways gangsta style to light his grape swisher blunt. then i would have at least got a good laugh for the $12 i spent to see the movie.


Bottom line is that CGI will never be better than real background and modelsl and if your gonna cast Samuel L Jackson in a movie for white kids to appeal to the minority demographic at least make him the loud annoying gangsta thug he is so he at least seems relavant. I mean they made that movie snakes on a plane just because some nerds in a chat room proposed the idea of him being in the movie and playing him self and look how good that worked out. they should have cast denzel washington r Morgan Freeman as mace windu or  because they at least test well with white audiences as the only black guys in movies made for white people. Way to reach out to a new audience George. you suck at life and i hope i get to meet you one day so i can take a shit on your desk and sell it to you for $12 so you can see how it feels.

– Fabiano!”

“May The Force Be With You”