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Michael ‘MPsy’ here…

A few weeks ago the Dark Empire and Jedi Elvis had Daniel Logan (Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones and Star Wars: The Clone Wars) come down to the Frank & Son Collectible Show for a special signing for the Princess Leah. If you’re unfamiliar with this special little girl her name is Leah Esquenazi and since birth she has been battling an up hill battle. From the day she was born she has  undergone numerous medical procedures which had baffled doctors in pinning down a diagnosis. But recently doctors are 99.99% sure that what Leah has is Mitochondrial. Basically every time little Leah gets sick, she suffers from a sort of ‘energy crisis’. Which means her body isn’t able to deliver enough energy to fight the infection and support all her other systems simultaneously. At this time there is no known treatment nor known cure.

Almost from day one the Star Wars community throughout the globe has come together to rally behind and support Princess Leah. It’s always a wonderful thing to see the fandom to come together and show some love for an great cause. We even had Daniel Logan record a very special message at the event. Those who wish to keep up to date with Princess Leah’s progress can join the FaceBook page May The Force Be With The Princess LEAH and the blog The Princess Leah Diaries. Those looking to help by making a donation can visit the Baby Leah Donation Site.

Photos Courtesy of Mad Calamity Photos