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Shantae 1/2 Genie Hero launched back in December 2016 after a successful Kickstarter campaign launched back in 2013. While the game did take quite a bit longer to release than originally planned, it’s because developer Wayforward spent time implementing all of the stretch goals as the game raised over $970k.

After the game’s release, Wayforward has still been working hard on the game which includes its first major piece of DLC,“Pirate Queen’s Quest” which will let you play as Risky Boots, complete with her own story and abilities. Wayforward recently sent out a message to all backers of the game that the DLC content has already been submitted to Steam, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo. You may also have noticed that there was a recent update file for the game, Wayforward revealed that it has added new achievements and trophies, as well as other game code to support the inbound DLC.

Pirate Queen’s Quest will be released as premium DLC, however, backers will be getting the content for free.

Wayforward also revealed that this week it will be releasing the Tinkerbat Dance DLC for those who backed the game for $55 and above tiers. This special DLC will let Shantae transform into a Tinkerbat to slice foes, and double-jump using the Tinker-Copter by dancing. Wayforward may release this DLC in the future publicly but currently plans to leave this an exclusive piece of content for all the backers who paid more for it.

Wayforward will also be posting an update later on more content coming which includes the “Blue Shantae” and “Classic Risky” Color Swaps + Drifter Blade DLC and Friends Mode DLC.