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For year’s I’ve been more familiar with Cryptozoic Entertainment for their releases of board games including both Ghostbusters games that I’ve had the change to cover in the past. I was familiar with the company working on other projects including miniature figures but with so many companies and limited funds, my focus was always on other things…at least until recently.

Last year, Cryptozoic released a line of DC statues and mini figures based on the popular line of collectibles and comics, draw inspiration from 1940s pin-up art while depicting an alternate reality where DC’s super powered female characters are at the center of World War II. This line is known as the DC Comics Comics Bombshell Vinyl figure line and the DC Lil Bombshell series and it’s going very strong with new releases, exclusive releases with companies including Loot Crate and Hot Topic, and new releases set to release pretty soon.

At San Diego Comic-Con, everyone was after their exclusive items such as the Metallic Red 25th Anniversary Harley Quinn Lil DC Bombshells Figure, SDCC exclusive DC Comics Bombshells, the Golden Goddess Series and DC’s The Joker Calling Card Statue – “Bloody Noir” Edition. If you were a sucker like me and forgot to pre-order them, you had to wait in line to pick them up but they were released in a very limited number each day. Twice the Harley Quinn and Golden Goddess figures were sold out and on the third day, I managed to get the Harley so at least I got that, which is my first piece in the line and I have to say I love the design and look of it.

What really drew my attention, however, was something I first saw at WonderCon back in April. While casually looking around, I came across their Street Fighter Knockout figures and quickly knew this is something I have to get. As a Street Fighter fan I love adding some cool and unique figures to my collection but most importantly they have to look good and honestly these do. Set to release this month, each one retails for $29.99 is designed by Pedro Astudillo and is sculpted by Anders Ehrenborg, who both did a great job bringing Chun-Li, Cammy, and Sakura to life. While I could have picked them at the show before its regular release, this is something I plan on ordering right away. Similar to the DC Bombshell’s line this is a 7″ figure and it another neat thing about it is that it includes a base with the Street Fighter Logo.

If you are looking for something a little smaller, Cryptozoic is also releasing  Street Fighter Lil Knockouts blind box set that includes 10 different characters from the series with two special variants. Each figure is 2.75″ tall and set for a release later this month as well.

If you want to learn more about the DC Bombshells line, Street Fighter line or what Cryptozoic Entertainment has coming up. You can head to their website and follow them on Facebook for new updates. Now to patiently sit and wait for some Rick and Morty figures!