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15 years ago, if you told me there would be a fashion brand for gamers in 2017, I would have probably just smiled, then laughed saying, “I wish!” Gaming apparel was mainly regulated to a plain colored t-shirt or sweater with a picture of a character or logo screen printed on. Not that there is anything wrong with that, but I’ve always wanted a little more. However, now there are specific fashion brands available for gamers, and J!NX is one of the best.

J!NX has been around for nearly two decades and offers apparel from numerous video games licenses, with names like Overwatch, Halo, Minecraft and World of Warcraft. At San Diego C0mic-Con, J!NX announced a new partnership with Hot Topic. Beginning August 17th, you will be able to head to your local Hot Topic where J!NX will be offering its unique gaming-themed style to retail.

“I’m a lifelong gamer, both a player and a hobbyist game developer. Growing up, I never felt a connection to any existing brands, nothing spoke to me. J!NX was born in that void,” said Sean Gailey, J!NX co-founder and CEO. “To me, J!NX represents the deep passion of the culture and community that I’m proud to be a part of. We chose Hot Topic because they’ve been the first to believe in that community and have been a longtime partner with our licensed products.”

This isn’t your typical shirt and sweater you see from various companies. J!NX is a whole lifestyle brand from top to bottom with shirts, hoodies, jackets, hats, joggers and more. It was important for them to make something for everyone, and J!NX has a Pro line that includes jerseys with the J!NX logo, and fans of eSports teams such as Echo Fox and Team Liquid can also rock jerseys, sweaters, shirts and other accessories with either team’s name and logo.

Talking to Sean Gailey at San Diego Comic-Con, he spoke about how much he’s enjoyed seeing the eSports community grow and that we can expect to see more eSports collaborations in the near future. While I may never get my own Team Jersey, I definitely wouldn’t mind wearing the J!NX Pro Jersey!

You can see more of J!NX’s apparel on their site and in stores at Hot Topic on August 17th!